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Most Rotten Statements From Mates...


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Ok he's maybe past it now but you trying to say you never rated him before?

Lets look back at his career.


1995-2000 22 matches for a poor Motherwell side


2000-2003 103 matches for at the time 2nd division Partick Thistle


Then the rest of his time has been spent at Motherwell, sub standard SPL side finishing 3rd being his highlight.


No ive never rated him.

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Not a mate, in fact no way a mate, thought he was a thick us fuck dick, but married my ex-wife's niece.


Anyway, they've had their first kiddie, wee girl they've called Sasha.


The thicko is a born and bred Kincorth loon, who as we're sitting there in his living room, and wiothout any prompting or questioning of the usual type of "aw where did you get that name" proudly informs me that her name is Sash-a, emphasising the 'sash'.


I only wish I had made this up, but no, thi fucking gluepot actually came out with this classic line. Fucking wank of the highest order, and confimed everything I'd thought of him with that one sentence.

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There's a guy in my football team who has the most bizarre/strangest comments ever, one time after a match in the changing rooms, everyone was chatting away/shouting different questions at him and his response was... "Guys, guys, settle down! I only have two pairs of ears!"


Also sitting out in the sun one day in his garden (in his house, in which he had lived in for a good half a year or so), he looks up at a tree in his garden with a weird expression on his face and say.. "Wow, thats a big tree!"... :laughing:


Very amusing to hold a conversation with though due to his lack of thought going into what he says.

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