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House Of Fraser.com Store

Pot Luck

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Was down at Union Square at the weekend and I noticed that House of Frasers.com have opened. Its really weird they have 0 stock. Its full of computers and touch screens and Ipads you go on them and you order what you want and collect it instore the next day if you order before 5pm. The coffee is free also. Never seem a shop like it before. Anyone been down, what do you think ?

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So its like Internet shopping with the added hassle of going to the actual shop to use the PC.


I'm out.


Let me get this straight


I would have to get up off my arse after shutting down my computer at home. Drive to town find a fucking parking space, Go into this ridiculous store, order what I want off a laptop.


And then.................


If i order before 5pm i get to do all that shite again the next day to pick up the stuff I ordered yesterday.


Whoever thought of that idea. What a cunt!!

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He's been to the club shop though.

ha ha. It was the bit about the pies that gave him away!


FFS I was hoping it was a proper house of Fraser! How's it different from goin online at home?

Only difference I can see is that you don't need to post stuff back to them to get a refund. May also have stuff they hold exclusively in their shops available but I am not sure if HoF actually does that. Im with you and cheesepipes though. It's a pretty poor idea IMO.

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So there's a shop that go to, buy soemthing, and then have to go back the next day to pick it up?


Sounds like a load of bollocks to me. Would you not be better off going to John lewis and getting it there and then? Or even better, stay at home, go to House of Fraser .com and buy it there, where you can also get a coffee.


There's my feedback Pot Luck, tell yer boss it's a shite idea :thumbs:

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Deliver for a lot more money please.


Next day deliver of course sir that will be 10% of your order you spent £3000 that will be £300 please.


EDIT - It probably wont cost that much lol, infact its FREE sorry for the inconveinence


To be honest I am house of fraser chairmen I came up with the idea because Aberdeen does not deserve a big shop. Dundee is better than Aberdeen.


Next day delivery is £6 so better value that you come down to the shop.

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You asked for peoples opinions and you got them, just because you don't like them don't go in a huff. IMO if I'm shopping in town, I like to go and buy something and reciev it then, if I'm shopping online, I like to receive it in the post.


99.9% of customers have said their happy so get your facts right. When we close the Glasgow and Edinburgh branches and Jenners you will be sorry. You are banned from every HOF in the world.


This is me http://www.drapersonline.com/pictures/182xAny/3/2/6/1233326_Don_mccarthy2.jpg

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Who was asked? 3 old ladies who misheard the question?


Can i get banned aswell, i never bought anything from it first time round anyhoo.


Peggy Fisher - I like how you dont have to go round all the departments they are all in one place. Its wonderful.


John Spence - Move over John Lewis and Markies, this is the FUTURE.



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