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Afc Chat Annual Awards 2011

King Street Loon

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Are we having a an annual awards this year?


Suggestions for catagories etc?


What do the mods think?


Yeah, we usually do this every year! We'll come up with a definitive list of categories (probably the same as usual!) and post something up in December.... no point in having a vote yet, since there are still are two months of the year still to come!


In the meantime, category suggestions are welcome!

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coolest poster: bluto10


gayest poster: rumpus


closet gayest poster: millertime


spends more time on here than with his kids he bleets on about: tup


oldest person to still live with their ma: tup


thinks he's the big tough guy but he's not, he still lives with his ma: tup

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Best moderator* - K9.


* Best at passing on contents of personal messages to his pals on Facebook


Biggest handshaker - boofon.


Most years spent on the run from Interpol - Brian fae Bergen.


Biggest lover of guffs - bluto.


Biggest bellend who disna like Scotland because he was bullied at school by Scottish folk - bluto.

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