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Colin Lamont


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Running to almost 8 minutes, this little Time Capsule transports the viewer back to August 21st 1984.. a time when Aberdeen FC was crushing all who stood in their way, where the fans were distributing business cards to the people they beat up, when 'Loadsamoney' was considered the pinnacle of comedic genius, Duran Duran was making soft porn under the guise of music, and Grampian Television was an independent station, aloof from the influence of the weegie propaganda machine.


I'd actually forgotten all about Colin Lamont, which is an incredible feat when you consider just how much personality Colin had. Charisma oozes from every pore, and the haircut - glasses combo merely hints at the ferocious beast lurking just under the surface.


I found myself drawn into the moment watching this, looking around my office expecting to see my Spectrum 48k sitting atop my black and chrome bedroom furniture.... a mound of jizz-tissues piled up in the trash can in the corner, and my life-sized Linda Lusardi and Samantha Fox posters adorning the wall next to my NAZI and Soviet flags, meaning I could have a quick one of the wrist for the 20th time that evening without even reaching under the bed for my jazz mags.


...I do have one question, and maybe someone can answer this.


At 3:50 Colin tells us in his dulcet tones that a football result has just come in....


For the second round replay for the Highland League Cup, Inverness Caledonia 1 - Brora Rangers 0.


Given this is at Twenty to One in the morning, did the Highland League REALLY play their games at that time at night, or is it just because this was pre-internet and it took about 7 hours for information to travel all the way from Inverness to the Grampian Studios?


Anyway, fascinating clip of Back In The Day, and I'd be interested to hear what people think Colin is up to these days.


My money's on running a brothel in Amsterdam, but spends most of his time base jumping, wresting crocodiles and experimenting with mind-altering drugs.... fucking WILD MAN!



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