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The Drunk Thread


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As the thread title says, what are you doing whilst drunk?


It has taken a while to type what i've typed.


At the moment i am eating fried egg sandwiches and chilli heatwave doritos whilst the wife sings along to Snow Patrol cd's.


Oh and FUCK THE HUN CUNTS for later on today.


I like smileys :sheepdance::lolrangers::sheepdance:

And just for Tup :gay:

Bluto seems to love this one as well :dance:






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Drinking when you're not 100% and got a dose of the shits, and sair heed isn't the best move.


I was sozzled after only a few pints and still feel like shit today.

I can feel the fear coming on, drinking wine and champagne at half two this morning in a hot tub was soo good at the time, right now though, probably close to the worst I have ever felt.

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I seen the post before when you said you tried to pierce yer cock with your sons skull badge or something, you've now edited this.


It was a total WTF post, and I'd like it explained.....you've deleted it now, but I did want to ask?


What on earth were you trying to do and why?



I saw this too. What were you hoping to achieve with a nice new cock piercing?

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