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Jimmy Savile Deid

Big Man

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Saville was a British institution.... one of the last characters in showbusiness who isn't either a talentless cunt who blowjobbed her big-titted way into a presenter job, or a metrosexual fuckwit who's more interested in prancing like a prick and touching up his highlights than developing a personality.


Saville, I salute you.


You go to join other PROPER celebrities like Frankie Howerd, Sid James, Tommy Cooper and Oliver Reed.


We're in a period of time where celebrity seems to equate to faggotry... and only guys like Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson are keeping blokedness and personality alive, when they're gone masculinity will be Jedward and Ant and Dec. British celebrity is rife with metrosexual faggotry... the only way to tell a male presenter apart from a female presenter is that the female presenter has her big fake tits.


Fuck celebrity faggotry.


RIP Jimmy, you fucking legend that you are.


You may have been gay, but a faggot you were not.



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i remember seeing Jimmy Saville at Parkhead during a Celtic v Aberdeen game in the 80's. He was up here doing a marathon or something and he came out of the tunnel and the whole stadium started cheering and shouting encouragement.

Then a Celtic supporter threw him a scarf and the home supporters got noisy. Of course the away end wasnt so chuffed and gave it " Jimmy Saville - yer a wanker,yer a wanker"

So he continued his jog around the stadium and heard the aberdeen chants and he sorta lowered his trackie-breeks to show a pair of red shorts and a huge cheer went up in the Aberdeen end - "Theres only one Jimmy Saville". The whole stadium were in unison once again.


Happy moments.

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Jesus Christ is that who I think it is?




Three absolute heid the baws if ever there was in that picture. :hysterical:


Puts to bed the rumour that Masons don't go to jail anyway. :thumbs:


Now then now then Frank,shake hands with the one and only Yorkshire Ripper


Jim fixed it for you

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