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At AFC Chat we encourage everyone to have their say and enjoy the forums however, over the past few weeks, there have been an increased number of threads which have been de-railed by petty squabbles between members and by threads being diverted off on tangents or being subject to "spamming" by members thus ruining the original topic and resulting in people no longer posting on the forum or in certain topics. Can we remind everyone that personal abuse and off-topic quarrelling contravene the forum rules. If you disagree with someone, please keep the argument on-topic and DO NOT resort to name-calling or personal abuse.


In response any topic which descends into farce or is subject to "spamming" by a member or members will now be dealt with swiftly and the perpetrators will be initially banned from posting in that topic and any public complaints about this decision will result in the member being given some time to "cool off" through a suspension... If you wish to obtain an explanation for any decision that has been taken this can be obtained by contacting a Mod or Admin by PM who will answer any such query.


Likewise, AFC Chat is a public message board and whilst it may feel like a private chat room it is important members realise that it is not. The fact the general topic forum is called "The Pub" should not give members the impression that it is an unrestricted area open to only adults. The same rules apply in there as they do throughout the site and any inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in the same way, the excuse that it is just "private banter" is not acceptable and posts and posters will be dealt with accordingly. If members want to engage in "private banter" or personal conversations then there is a private messaging facility that can be used by all registered members.


Finally, the swear filter was removed as it was felt that members of AFC Chat were mature enough to be able to self regulate their language, as an age unrestricted forum, children are free to browse and post and this should be borne in mind by all posters. We do not expect a swear-free site, if we did the filter would have remained in place, but we will not accept abusive obscenity filled posts or gratuitous swearing designed to insult and cause friction.


We like to think that we have tried to foster a hands off approach to moderation on this site but regretfully this is becoming less and less possible in light of recent posts and we are now in a position where we feel it will be necessary to take action against future transgressions.




AFC Chat Mods and Admin

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Despite previous requests there continues to be an ongoing problem with off topic postings dragging down various threads, continuing petty squabbles, insults, name calling and registering of duplicate accounts, all in breach of the site rules.


We have made efforts to take a hands off approach to moderation but this has not worked. More and more time is being spent by us dealing with problem posts and the corresponding complaints and all of this in the face of subsequent complaints about any action that is taken,personal insults and even threats directed at Mods.


Regrettably this approach has failed to work and as a result notice is being given that a clamp down has now to be taken and future breaches of the rules will be met with a single warning followed by the banning of the offender.


It's a real shame that it has come to this but the forum has deteriorated to such an extent that people are now no longer posting on the site due to the above listed problems.


AFC Chat Mods and Admin

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