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Wee Naisy

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Not looking forward to all the sob stories we will be hearing about this. Not one of them will mention the fact the cunt is a thug, the tackle on Milsom was a leg-breaker or his history of thuggish behaviour including elbowing the Dunfermline player in the face not so long ago.


Hope the cunt suffers to fuck :lolrangers:

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Naisy, Naisy,


Crusiate broke in two!


Oh no Naisy,


What is McCoist to do!


It won't be a stylish carriage,


After the Whyte marriage


But you'll look sweet upon the seat


Of a NHS wheel chair made for you.





Harsh and actually wanted to defend him but just saw the highlights, he did go for Milsom.



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Same here from me, he brought it on himself and still maintain that if the ref did his job correctly, Naismith would have been sent off and perhaps this might not have happened


I just hope it's nothing trivial.


If I'm perfectly honest I actually hope it's a career ending injury.


Fuck him and his band of cheating scumbags.

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Why is this self destructing thug getting all the attention. Never heard a single word about poor Bob after this animal scythed him down. Fuck you media and a big fuck you to Naismith!

Rest assured, if the boot was on the other foot, Milsom would be hounded out of Scottish football for good.


I won't jump on the "hope his careers over" bandwagon, but you get what you deserve in life and what goes round comes round.

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To be honest, I've never had a particular dislike of Naismith any more than any other bog standard Rangers player. He's no Souness, Durrant or Hateley and I think he does a decent job for Scotland. No feelings of sympathy nor ill wishes from me, just a shrug and an 'oh well, too bad'.


The tackle on Milsom was shocking though.

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Steven Naismith has been told his season is over. Medics confirmed that the Rangers player has damaged the cruciate ligament in his right knee. (Various)


Poetic justice -


Who's that lying at Pittodrie

Who's that lying on the ground

Looks like Hun Naismith to me

Cos he fucked his own knee

And he won't be kicking anyone any more

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