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Eh think it is a scandal that chiropractors dinna have any standing in the medical profession. Any time eh've been tae the doctor for an ache or pain, eh've been telt "go to a physio". Fuck that. Chiros all the way.




Same with homeopathy ByenEB , my GP is qualified in Homeopathy but it is rubbished in some quarters.....essentially by the 'scientific medicine' interest.


Good programme coming to tv here soon....about the healing power of food , just saw it advertised last night. Big Pharma won't be happy , it was essentially plant food from which we derived our medicine in the first place before science came along. Scientists identified the active ingredients in our plant food , extracted them and now insist on being the sole agents.


We can cut out the middleman( the pharmaceutical industry ) quite often by selecting the right food to eat( not normally high in cows , pigs and sheeps body parts )...and enjoy a good meal simultaneous to healing and repairing our bodies....so much more sensually pleasing than swallowing a capsule or sugar-coated pill( many of which are as likely to make you feel off-colour whilst doing f u c k all to cure ).


Interestingly Big Pharma has recently embraced Homeopathy when once it ridiculed. I believe it has more to do with $$$ than our health and wellbeing however.



The book we used before science:





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