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Darren Mackie


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Apparently it IS serious...


...at this point I can't even get my head around what I just read.


His favourite book is The Lord of the Rings, but he hasn't read the book, just seen the film. So based upon seeing the film he rationalises that The Lord of the Rings is his favourite book.


... I'm trying to think of something sarcastic to say, but right now I'm just trying to effectively process that information.


This could take a while.


In the meantime here's something to keep you occupied until I can make sense of the universe once more....



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As ever it is all about the competition - he may well be the reading champion in his category - he at least knows what a book is (or what to avoid - is it thicker than a magazine? - put back on shelf) and the name of one. Thank goodness he hadn't just seen a Lara Croft movie - it could've been worse.

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Now made the TV news. Poor dazzler.



Correct - I feel sorry for him.


All he's agreed to do is tell local kids that they should make an effort to read more - for their benefit, not his - and he's been made into a national laughing stock.


Most other folk would have actually read a book - but it would have been by Dan Brown, which is just as bad as not reading in the first place.



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