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The Boofon

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Have had mine in a middle age mohawk for about the last 5 years...thought I'd grow it...If I'm honest I was a little disappointed by how shit it looks now..very grey and less of it than I thought I had......It's the clippers and the Statham/Willis look for me I'm affraid

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Work puter...only got this passport one



You look like you could embark on a murderous rampage at the drop of a hat Redstar.


No offence.



Ha Ha...none taken



You've also got remarkably straight edged lugs if you don't mind me saying so. :sherlock:


You look vaguely familiar from Baku now I've seen that.

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Let me guess...the sure sign of a hun/tim?


Mugshot of you Boof...If you've been in Baku in the last 6 years I'll know you



No chance. I've seen numerous classic stuff online with folk posting pictures and it then being turned into something terrible.


This one I just found on google My link but there was another classic where a guy asked for someone to alter his son's red eye I think and it turned into a proper meltdown. Someone else must remember this.

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The guys with long hair - where do you get yours cut? I'm looking for a new hairdresser.




Try the walk-in place at mccombie court with the original name of the barber's shop. The lady who runs the shop is full of idea's about what type of style to have.


I've got a robbie savage look going on at the moment, which is an improvement from my previous neil oliver cut.

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I've a bit of a Pat Sharp (in his Funhouse prime) going on at the moment while it transforms into a Brad Willis type barnet.


What's your heid covered with?


Until a week ago it was all Vladimir Kulic in The 13th Warrior.




But last week I had a haircut, and now it's all Vladimir Kulic...




I just noticed... that fucker's copying my look.

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