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What's Your Favourite Classical Composition


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I started a thread on classical music last year and it was sadly one of the many topics lost in the fiasco at the end of the year. So i thought i'd start a new one as there was a decent enough contribution made to it. So i'll just post up again 2 of my favourites:


Pachelbel's Canon in D




Bach's Air On G





What are your favourite pieces?

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Nigel Kennedys version of Vivaldis Winter.


Marche Slav - Tchaikovsky


The Rach 3.


I'm mostly a film music guy. The Eagle and Gladiator are top notch.


Might want to keep an eye out for him if your out in Krakow, plays in little wee places every so often, apparently some old wifie keeps telling him to keep it down when he's practicing. laughing.gif





Shout on Jupiter too. Like loads of the normal stuff, in the hall of the mountain king is a fav, but for a bit different(recent suppose...???):




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Keep reminding myself how underexposed to classical I am after all these years - it was the popular music of it's day , altho' it filtered down from the patronage of the rich. The less well-off had fiddle music and dirled it up 'roon the fireside.


Beethoven has to be my main man and nae bad for a Sagittarian ; Mozart with then blow me away and cause me to question the validity of that suggestion - pretty good for an Aquarian ; Piscean Chopin is typical of the sign given his romanticism and ability to draw beauty out of sadness and Bruch's fiddle music , his violin concerto No 1 is about as beautiful as fiddle music gets - recommended( try to listen to the Jaffa Heifetz recording out of hunners , he was Russian and my Mum and Dad saw him at the Music Hall - must have been just before the second World war ; he is still regarded by many as the greatest of all violin players ).


Mebbe Classical with get more of an airing in my retirement , it reaches parts that other beers can't reach.





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Jupiter is awesome, love the Planet Suite


I would say I listen more to opera than general classical (although I've been loving Mahler recently). Favourite composition, at a push would be Isolde's Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde by Wagner:




A very close second would be the mad scene from Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor:




As with any opera (and classical singing in general) though, the impact of the piece is hugely dependent on who is singing it

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Anybody heard of Andre Rieu the Dutch violinist? He's a fantastic musician and conductor and fairly puts on a show:




Was at the last night of the proms in hyde park one year. No ticket was drinking (somehow is ok if it red unfortified wine) in the park on a freebie, was quite popular. This was on at one point whole place went mental folk dancing about. In my head it goes "Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition" :D

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