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Vanguard Bears

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I read this also. It absolutely shocking such a blatant organisation exist and appears to be well funded, organised etc but even more sad that the press, TV etc do not call these idiots out for what they are. Disgusting actually and once more goes to show what sort of country we live in.


It makes you pretty sick when you think what Aberdeen fans have been labelled as over the years based either on lies or on the behaviour of extremely small numbers of people. And these fuckers can have as many organisations for hatred as they wan't without recourse or criticism.


The reason the peepil of faux religious and ethnic tradition (as I am now calling them) are so confident and numerous is they believe themselves to be untouchable indeed the darlings of Scottsh society.


The question is are they correct? Are they in fact untouchable? Does every institution in Scotland pander to their faux religious and ethnic traditions?


Lets see how the BBC and the other media outlets report todays events when these morons protest outside BBC Scotland.

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Why do they need that bloody logo? What is the red hand of Ulster to do with Rangers?


Its a symbol of their faux religions and ethnic "tradition". Their "fret"ness if you will.


Lets face it none of them will be church going christian believers and they have about as much connection with ulster as I do (which is absolutely none) - they have no real actual reason to feel any particular strong sense of identity with a religious sect or the region of ulster.


They do have a strong sense of identity with hatred, ignorance, bile, whatabootery, flutes and shit marching band music.


Perhaps a red hand has become the accepted symbol of those things??

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As I say, the sad thing is the media in this country like to portray OUR fans as the morons.


Just look at these clowns and their double standards.


Are these idiots plastered over the papers and shown up as the scum they are? No

Are all Rangers fans instantly tarred with the same brush and will they now be constantly villanised in the press as a result? No

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