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Crash On The M5


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Looks fucking horrific.


20 cars and 6 lorries involved.


The whole road seems to be ablaze, unknown loss of life at this time but certainly there will be many dead / injured.


Looks grim from reports.


Daily Mail is always great for pictures but what the hell?


"Too early to speculate on cause, but weather could be a significant factor" :dontknow:




Daily Mail

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I live a few miles from where it happened. The weather yesterday afternoon was terrible here, I've rarely seen such heavy rain . . . I even saw a funnel cloud form over the village briefly which is something I've never witnessed before. There is a very sombre atmosphere locally and tonight's carnival which usually attracts about 100,000 people has been cancelled as it was felt the emergency services would be too stretched to cover. Last report was 7 dead but some vehicles were so badly burnt that further bodies may still be found. Sympathies go to all those who've lost loved ones.

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I think said firework party could have distracted a driver. Just a thought that came into my head when I was reading about what happened.


Very sad what ever happened.

Could have, except it was typical Daily Mail pish. One of the witnesses from a following car said there were no fireworks, and that they just drove from clear visibilty to blanket fog in seconds. Still, nae a good angle for the paper that eh?
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Looks like some of them will be able to skip the cremation and go directly to the urn.


Fuck sakes! That is not even mildly amusing. Totally cuntish remark.


Why do people think comments such as this are in any way acceptable? FAO other mods, please leave this in place.


Posters on AFC Chat have a degree of anonymity which we are happy to protect. That is not an all out excuse to act like a total cunt in some Derren Brown experiment gone wrong.


Fucking twats.


This is the sort of shite we get accused about being little hilters for having the temerity to remove...


Fact of the matter is that some people cannot police their own mouths - they need protection.

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Just stating a fact min, chill oot.


Maybe my reaction was OTT. Haven't decided yet as still a bit shocked . Straight to the urn though - I would imagine the reality is far more horrific than a few piles of ashes on the driver's and passengers seats.


Christ min, is everything just a big joke to you? I am asking an honest question. I am a fairly flippant type of man masel but at some times the gravity of a situation can make me be serious for a few moments.

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We all die, no need to get uptight about it happening to others, there but for the grace of god etc but no harm in making light of it imo, I don't know any of them.


Infact If I did croak it in similar circumstances I'd hope and expect my mates to make similar comments.


I don't agree that making light of others deaths is okay. Do agree with your 'fuck it' attitude though. Sooo, I reckon you are a cunt but don't know it for a fact yet, or if you're a good or bad cunt.


PS. 'We all die' ... someone phone the papers. Christ!

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Of course shit happens, it happens every day. Empathy probably requires a certain level of awareness not of todays issues alone but of yourself. Empathy doesnt need faux sadness or outpourings but an ability to realise why something can cause grief that can be leveled to and recognised to yourself


Sorry to waffle, just must take a very dull or impassive person to be that way


Sorry for the waffle like

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you'd go mad if you started caring/moping about every bad story on the news.


Tens of thousands of African kids died today in the Somali drought, did you give up your saturday night takeaway and beers to help them out?


No doubt about that. It's a weird one - depends where you draw the line. Your house, your street, your country, your region, your neighbouring country, your continent - your planet.


You have explained yourself well enough but I still think you sound like a callous bastard.

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you'd go mad if you started caring/moping about every bad story on the news.


Tens of thousands of African kids died today in the Somali drought, did you give up your saturday night takeaway and beers to help them out?


Why does someone have to give something up?


You could argue that we should be more thankful of what we have as those you talk of have no concept of the life of luxery we lead?


Ach im not wanting to argue anyway, ive made my point which im sure will have been countered.

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Dayts, if you had spent this morning scooping human remains off the motorway I'm pretty sure your tune would be different. I am in no way trying to sound superior here. It takes a jolt of reality to wake up some people. Including myself. I couldn't give a fuck about Diana or any of that shite but I have discovered some empathy recently.

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I have sky news on, 150 dead in a bombing, it got 10 seconds of the news, if it had been in the UK or the USA it would have got the whole programme, why no thread for the poor Nigerians?


You callous b******s.


Before you call us callous, did you have any empathy for those killed? Why didn't you start a thread?

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