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Epl Matches

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Was at the Riverside in 2006 for Boro v.s Everton, just days after they got into the UEFA Cup final and the atmosphere was shite. Massive disappointment of a game. Everton won 1-0 in the last minute through Faddy, good goal like.


Only other EPL game I can recall being at live was Everton 1 Man City 2, Jagielka suffered his horror injury that day but again the atmosphere was shite.


I wouldn't even say it was just the atmosphere yesterday but the actual football, awful.

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Was at Man c v spurs at Maine rd 10 or so yrs ago<finished 0.0 utter pish,also been at sunderland v burnley was ok,

was at old trafford earlier on this year 1.0 v Bolton,poor atmosphere until unt scored late on,the best 1 was when i was in the away end at Preston v Burnley (not the premiership but close enough) brilliant atmosphere from start to finish :thumbup1:

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Anyone been to a game before?


Was down at Newcastle V Everton, cracking city but what a shit game/atmosphere. Was expecting the place to be bouncing but silence mostly, found more fans standing in the concourse drinking beer than anywhere else :laughing:


been to a merseyside Derby at anfield last season and went to a Bolton v Wigan game at the reebok the season before.


both decent games and obviously the one at anfield was a good atmosphere. The reebok was ok as the home side won 4-0 but it wasn't great and for most of the match it was silent.

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Used to be a regular in my teens but not been down quite as much lately


Went to newcastle v wolves last year was my fourth time at st james all have been pretty good.


Went to see leeds once there fans were outstanding, best i have heard


Bolton was a good day out, went through on a tuesday when united were playing on a weds - nice wee ground


Sunderland was poor and in the middle of nowhere pretty shite day all round, also went to roker park - mental place


Fuck knows how many united games i've been to over the years was doing 1 a month at one point in the early 2000s - enjoyed them all best one had to be when we stopped arsenal doing 50 games unbeaten, the atmosphere was un-real the whole day!

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Football is for the suits these days all over, hence shit atmospheres



dont know why people are so shocked by this.

teams in epl chasing the bucks with high ticket prices and corporate sponsers. esp the southern london teams. scottich teams are a bit less corporate but ticket prices are even more shocking.


in general i always thought it was the northern europeans who were more fanatical when it came to football - turning up in larger numbers and a bit more partizan and vocal in support.

but then that reflects their society as a whole i'd say. i'g guess that germans, dutch and brits tend to drink a bit more on a night out whereas the itlains and spanish might do things a bit differently.


but looking at games these days in the uk not many games generate a decent atmosphere, not compared to the olden days. ticket prices dinna help.


been to a few games in holland and the atmosphere can be good but nothing to write home about. oompah bands, flags for every seat and the like, some chanting in dutch. load and lively but nowt to get the pulse racing, but then i was a neutral.


would like to sample the germans style. see what teh fuss is about.

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