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Calderwood Sacked

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AGM is on Tuesday so the board will have seen this as the ideal time to sack him.


Hibernian have sacked manager Colin Calderwood after just 12 months in charge at Easter Road.


This follows a disappointing run of results, including a 1-0 home defeat by Dunfermline on Saturday.


Following the match, a group of fans protested outside the main entrance to the Easter Road club's stadium asking for Calderwood and chairman Rod Petrie to go.


Calderwood managed just 12 wins in his 49 matches at the helm.


The club hold their AGM on Tuesday. It was on the morning of last year's meeting when they decided to depose the previous manager John Hughes.



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I think this is exactly what Calderwood wanted. His heart was never in it for Hibs. Now he will get a nice payoff and a plumb 1st team coaching job for a club in the EPL or Champ........................... :itch-chin:


I think Calderwood was what McGhee would call a "drainer". He never sounded like the kind of manager who could inspire a team. Even after a positive result he'd sound utterly depressed.

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Can that not be attributed to the new stand ?




Hibs hves been making at operating loss for a number of years, they have of course been able to sell players to show an end profit.


While they have players to sell on, this of course is a decent business model, but when the players are no longer there, prolems begin.

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Hibs always seem to underachieve, dunno what it is with them.


A few years back they seemed to be getting a team together that was pretty decent, and I'm talking about pre-O'Connor... like early 90s they had a decent team that I thought was going to do something, but they always seemed to fuck it up/


Then we went through the period a few years ago where they had just a whole string of exciting prospects coming through under John Park, and I thought, well, this time they're going to go places..... and they did fuck all.


They seem to go through patches where they promise a lot, and deliver bugger all.


Oh to be a ... Hibee.


No fucking thanks.

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We are, and will always be, much,much bigger and BETTER than Hibs, Hibs,,, ffs... Hibs! ... whatever they get up to and never win they will still just be Hibs...


A footnote. Nothing... A fairy someone once caught a glimpse of at the bottom of the garden. An encapsulation of failure.



Let's please pretend this conversation never started.

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Someone mentioned it earlier.. I simply cannot believe they tolerated him at the start of the season when he was bending over and getting it horsed up him by the prospect of being a first team coach at a Championship club. I'd be furious if an AFC manager flirted with departure only days before the season opener, especially as they had a terrible 2010/2011.

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