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Worst Stadium Names


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One I have been to is Arnold Schwarzenegger stadium - Sturm Graz Austria.


Graz is a funny place. More booby bars and brothels then Amsterdam!!

York city - KitKat crescent not sure if that's still called that.



Doh see above took too long typing post. Work does get in the way sometimes!!


Thats my mates stagger sorted for next year then :thumbup1:

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hahaha since reading that post ive been looking at getting to Graz for mine next August! The only British departure is from Stanstead or you go somewhere that flys Air Berlin


Aye bit of a bass to get to. We used to go Edinburgh to Stanstead by easy jet then on to Graz by Rynair.


This was though work. Not much else to see there mind. We got taken outside Graz a few times and Austria is a nice place.

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Dick's Sporting Goods Park (Jamie Smiths Colordo Rapids)


London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Stadium (Dagenham and Redbridge stadium)


KitKat Crescent (York City - although it expired in 2010)


Wankdorf Stadium (Young Boys fitba team)


Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium (Sturm Graz fitba)


I was passing through Bern, on the train, a couple of months ago and stopped momentarily at "Wankdorf bahnhoff"


I must admit to having a chuckle to myself!

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Since it was built in 2003 the Darlington Arena has had all these names;


Reynolds Arena

New Stadium

Williamson Motors Stadium

Darlington Arena

96.6 TFM Darlington Arena

Balfour Webnet Darlington Arena

Northern Echo Darlington Arena


7 sponsors in 8 years. Was also used by the chairman to launder money too after he went bankrupt.

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