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Lethal min your signature is a massive dissapointment to me.


awww and I did it especially for you as well.


You are a weegie, a fucking weegie. GTF Nespa ya weegie bassa.




He knows his stuff.


2 members now, GIRFUY. :).


Chalali will have a cult following in time. I'll be designing t-shirts and flags when time allows me to. You can have a t-shirt for free.


This man is the future. T-shirts and flags for sure, lets exploit the gap in the market.

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Caley and United are the only away games I consider attending, maybe Tynecastle once in a blue moon.


Nowhere that's near the west coast though, mink ridden Dons support for sure then.


just the games close to you?? you dont want to travel to see your team??...ah thats cool...enjoy



You are a weegie, a fucking weegie. GTF Nespa ya weegie bassa.



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Chalali has something about him, put him in the hole behind the strikers and he'll be amazing.


Dunfermline game told me everything I needed to know. If I can see it, then so should Craig Brown.


You know yourself he's a good wee player, stop denying it.


Oh oh oh Mohammed Chalali oh oh oh come on and score a goal.




I have visions of the RDS singing along in a massive conga led by Stoney...

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You can just picture that.


Deep down he knows Chalali is the future.


How long did it take Henry to score for Arsenal and look at the goal scoring machine he went on to be?


More and more people will jump on the Chalali bandwagon, I know it.


I'll be making first batch of 20 t-shirts in time.



Exactly, classic is Andy Cole who didn't score for ages at Man Utd.

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