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Life's Too Short


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Lifes too short to watch that pish, that's for sure. .


Like you say, same old shit from Gervais. It was like i was watching the lines of Gervais/david brent/andy milman being spoken by someone else (the dwarf). Same old pish as extras just the charachters have rotated.


Gervais is a one trick pony - he only knows one type of comedy and its starting to get old.


p.s. I have to concede however i pissed my pants at the liam neeson aids prostitute scene - merchant obviously wrote that (he's the brains).



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My tuppence worth , adjusted for inflation , that I have also posted on Mad where there is a similar ongoing discussion.


Gervaise can be funny and goes where angels fear to tread. He exposes and gets his humour in the sensitive areas of relationships where the majority of us would prefer to remain silent altho' possibly thinking the very same things that Gervaise gives voice to. He's nae respector of elephants in rooms , in fact he gets a boner as soon as he spots one. As such he is arguably providing a useful social service.


He has mined this seam for a long time and has mebbe run out of steam a little bit altho' I'm sure there will always be material in this area of life for every generation , he's just mebbe nae that fashionable ony mair.



He's been handsomely rewarded for being arguably the funniest man over the past ten years...mebbe he should now just take the money and run now.


I also suspect he's nae as funny since he lost weight....for some reason.....beyond the realm of science.



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'The Strangest Man' imminent.


As you'd ken if you followed every post of mine.




So I hear, it's like the Scottish Parliament, it's been 'in the pipeline' for some time.


I've just found an Aladdin's Cave of books in my attic, so hurry the fuck up and read those other two, and I'll send you more.

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