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The Weekend Thread


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Its that time of week again. Whats everyone got planned this weekend?


Poker Night at the Sportsmans for me tonight. Heading to Dutch Mill at 5 for a couple, watch 1st half of Scotland game then head next door watch the second half waiting for the poker to start. Probably hit the toon after the poker for a few drinkies.


Tomorrow, nothin planned through the day, then out for a meal with the missus at night at Piccolo followed by a few drinks up that end of town.


Sunday I plan on watching the football, no booze though as Im picking up the missus from Tinie Tempah gig - i dont even know who the fuck he is.

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Either go out and watch the game tonight, or watch it in the gym - slowly being tempted to go to town to watch it.


Saturday - gym in the morning, then got a game in the afternoon. Evening will consist of staying in and watching the box with the missus i would imagine.


Sunday - heading out to Haddo House for a walk, then going to view a house. Out at supper time for a carvery somewhere.

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Cinema tonight with the wife, no idea what we're going to see as yet though.


Tomorrow - Gym in the morning, my football (Stonehaven v Hermes) in the afternoon. So far the evening is empty, most likely end up watching a DVD or a film on Sky as Saturday night TV is dire.


Sunday - Bed for a good while followed by sofa then 7-a-sides at Sports Village from 7-8.

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Quiz tonight at Pittodrie.


Tomorrow - Nae much. Going with my mate to see a flat he's wanting to buy. I'm nae going out, skint eastwood.


Sunday - Probably go for a run. 10 miler maybe although I did one last night and HATED every second of it.



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