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Heard about this one from a colleague today, makes interesting reading for any football fan me thinks:




John McCormack (former assistant manager at Accies) was suing them form wrongful dismissal. Some of the more colourful details of the case have come out in the wash.


One of the most amusing appeal judgements i've read in a while...




Edit: The thread title is wrong - the boy kept his money btw.

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The defenders, by contrast, maintain that the pursuer was engaged as assistant manager for one season only and, more importantly, that they were fully justified in dismissing him for gross misconduct. In particular they point to (1) unacceptable conduct and foul language at an under-19 tournament in Oban in July 2008; (2) dressing-room incidents, again at Oban in July, involving offensive and embarrassing conduct and remarks towards a young female physiotherapist; (3) disruptive behaviour, in the nature of a prank, while an invited dietician and nutritionist was giving a talk on 17 August; (4) alleged bullying of certain young players in training; and finally (5) "the last straw", in the form of a drunken and abusive tirade over the telephone towards a new foreign signing on 31 August.


Oooooft naughty naughty :laughing:

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