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Manager Sacked In Austria

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An interesting and novel way to get the sack...


A manager in Austria has been sacked after an extraordinary pre-match striptease.


FC Pasching coach Adi Pinter went to astonishing lengths to show where his loyalties lay before a third division match against Grazer AK at the weekend.


The 63-year-old Pinter, who played for and managed Grazer AK earlier in his career, removed his shirt before the match to reveal the letters 'GAK' emblazoned on his back.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Pinter's relegation-threatened Pasching side lost 6-0 and he was dismissed immediately after the game.


Pasching president Helmut Nussbauer said: "It makes no sense. We are fighting against relegation, so your own club should take priority, not GAK."


However, an unrepentant Pinter hit back: "FC Pasching should be renamed FC Carnival ('Fasching' in German).


"The club is extremely parochial and only has five or six quality players. There is not a single good reason to watch a Pasching match."


The much-travelled Pinter, who has coached 18 clubs, only took up the Pasching job on October 10.




Imagine after we lost 9-0 at Parkhead, McGhee took his top off to show us all his Celtic tattoos :laughing:

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