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Ultimate F**king C**t

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The long awaited follow-up to the hun edition

Ultimate F**king C**t - Celebrity Edition


I am now drawing up a shortlist for the Celebrity edition, i need 64 c**ts for the group stages. Please add celebrities you feel sould be in this contest. Politician are fair game to.





I'll start with -


David Cameron

Justin Bieber

Simon Cowell

rupert murdoch


Once i have 64 names, i'll draw up groups of four winner (the most hated) goes through from each group to the next round.

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The following list are in!


David Cameron

Justin Bieber

Simon Cowell

rupert murdoch

James Corden

rod harrington

louis walsh

keith lemon


chris moyles

Stand Free Ed

Tony Blair.

Robert Mugabe.

Aled Jones

Dev from R1

Robin Galloway

Duncan Bannatyne


Richard Madley

Maggie Thatcher

Piers Morgan

James Blunt

Gordon Ramsay

John Prescot

Robin Cook

Fearn Cotton.

Tommy Sheridan.

George Osbourne

Mark (towie)

Paul McMullan (notw)

Kim Kardashian

Bashar Al Assad

Danny Dyer

Russell Brand

Kerry Katona

Alexander the meerkat - 'simples'

Silvio Burlesconi


Pc David Rathband

Thats 39

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