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Daily Mail Gone Too Far

Big Man

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I think the days of PC Murdoch patrolling the village on his bike or on foot are long gone. Daily Mail readers and staff have a tendency to look to the past for comfort , an illusion created by a weakness for nostalgia.


If they took down all those surveillance cameras and employed more bobbies without driving licences( but more highly trained in the martial arts ) then we could expect to see more bobbies on the street. The police have far more at their disposal today for dealing with crime than their counterparts of 50 years ago. It's a highly materialistic world today and there is much more to get chored than there was 50 years ago. It's having more STUFF to steal that's causing the problem.


Here's a thought ! Mebbe if the World's resources were shared more evenly , the crime figures would go down. :itch-chin:

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I'd be abso-fucking-lutely delighted never to see a cop wandering the streets.


Last thing you want is to be living in a shithole country like Russia where everywhere you look there's some prize cunt in a uniform looking to tell you what to do.


I've got a pathological hatred of 'authority', so my opinion may be skewed... but I'd sooner live in a genuine anarchy than in some fucking police state where you have cameras poked up your arse 24 hours a day, and fuckwits thinking they can get in your business when your business has less than fuck all to do with them.

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