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Favourite Biscuits/cookies


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Dark Chocolate Tim Tams.... Fair fond of Dark Cholate Tunnocks Caramel Wafers too... And the Bourneville biccies that you can get are no' bad for a tea dunk...



Tim Tams are awesome! Love them. My mate brought some back over from Oz when he was there for me. Lasted 3 days.


Anyway, always loved Trios

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they're just boring old penguins!


Partial to a nice Abernethy we a cup o tae.


They wipe the floor with penguins though!


I don't know what a Tim Tam is. dontknow.gif Sounds kinda like you have to be Celtic minded to eat them.


I'll bet they're not to popular down Govan way.


They are an Australian chocolate biscuit okla-got into them when I was there a couple of years ago

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