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Christmas Presents


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Best: Probably way back as a kid getting Subbuteo wi flood-lights and everything. Can still remember seeing it on Christmas morning.

Worst: Subbuteo was my parent's high point in christmas gift buying, they've been shite since.


Mrs Byen's family have finally agreed that it's pointless for us all to give needless gifts to each other, so we're saving the kroner up and going to a hotel by a fjord in March. Heated ootdoor pool right on the fjord overlooking snowy mountains :thumbs: and hopefully enough booze to make me forget they're there.

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the lights are on. that means its xmas.


Whats the best/worst present you've ever reseived?


first of all its nowhere near christmas yet. Its the 22nd of November.


Id say the present I was most chuffed with was probably when I got the sega mega drive and the first FIFA fitba game.


worst was probably some clothes I got when I was young. when you are young you don't give a shit about clothes - just give me the toys

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Best - Ewok village and loads of Star Wars stuff


Worst- nae idea


Ah buck old chap.


You're talking my language.


I can still remember how delighted I was when I woke up to find my Ewok Village sitting in it's box by the sofa where Santa had left it.

When I was younger my Nana used to get cinema tickets for a special Christmas showing at the ABC cinema as it was back then. Used to get treated to a treat afterwards and back then What evreyone wants which used to be next door did special deals on Star Wars figures. Got about 5 characters in a net sack for much cheapness.



Usually the crap my Auntie and Uncle give us at Christmas. They're a bit weird.

We often as a family have a competition to see who gets the worst present.

I got a painted stone once. I believe it was a paperweight.

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