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Christmas Or New Year


Which do you pefer  

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  1. 1. Which of the two is your fav. Xmas or new year

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I'm a Christmas man, always have been - I look forward to the Christmas magic coming back to me when I have kids in the future.


I look forward to this year having Christmas dinner at the in-laws, exchanging gifts, then heading out to Balmedie in the evening and having a few drinks with my folks - and maybe head round to a mates for a wee drink with him.


Superb time of year.


New Year, I couldn't give a fuck about. I hate it.

Agreed, new year sucks major donkey dick nowadays

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I've agreed to go to Pittodrie for New Year this year.


So I have plans, but I still prefer Christmas.


New Year, I'm just going to spend the night convincing everyone there that an orgy at midnight is the way forward.


Bum sex, ear sex, finger sex, give me a BJ sex, just abody drink up and lets having some fucking sex, we're going on the pitch to have sex, fa's up for under the table sex. You get the idea.


A New Year orgy will liven the party right up.


You're going to be pulling your popper on your own, in the toilets.

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riverplate is best mates with Ian Brown and Yogi.


I met king brown once, outside jap Trafford minding his own business until a Bluto wades up to him and give him shit chat.


I never asked him about Xmas or new year. But I suspect these days he prefers cups of tea and early nights

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I saw him in 1741 with Yogi


My mate lobbed a pint glass at him


Don't know if his human shield riverplate was there though :dontknow:


why throw a pint glass at someone you dont know for no reason?


Sounds like the actions of a sad,lonely,JEALOUS,bedwetting fuckwit to me?


Not sure if i was there that night though,your mate still breathing gimp?


Oh and bluto shut the fuck up eh,you made enough of a cunt of yourself yesterday,did you not?

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Oh and bluto shut the fuck up eh,you made enough of a cunt of yourself yesterday,did you not?


chillax rio.


correct me if i'm wrong but you said benfica would BEAT man united, did you not.


benfica cant even beat this man united side.


goes to show that benfica canna be that good then surely :laughing:

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