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Which Tartan Should Minijc Get For His Kilt?


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I'll give a serious reply ;) The kilt I got for 21st birthday was the AFC tartan.



I've not got a Scottish name, parents are English, so next thing was just picking something to do with Aberdeenshire/Aberdeen then realised the club had a tartan so picked that. But because it's 'special' aka any excuse to charge more, it costs

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Mr Minijc has decided to go to the Slovenia v Scotland friendly next month but being a TA away virgin :P , he hasna got a kilt for the ocasion so needs some advice on which tartan he should get.

I'm nae wearing a kilt, do you realise how cold it will be in the places we are going to?


Nice one Nig. Wonder what this in response to haha. :popcorn:

I assume you saw the stuff on facebook where i called some people "kilted fucks"?

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You getting one for the trip? See if i were to take my England top but got CMS on the back, surely noone could really moan, could they?


Nope, havna got a pair o caterpiller boots to go with one


aye go for the england top, just mine an update your travel insurance :wave:

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