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Worst Way You Have Finished With Someone/worst Way Someone Has Finished With You


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A the title says-


My worst way i did it was the day here Grandma past away :suicide: She had a bit of issues and what not was always wanting a break so me being a young eighteen year old loon I thought would have some fun while we were on a break. Well I ended up meeting someone else and getting on more with her with still having the first bird still at arms length. I knew had to do the right thing and decided first thing next day would say no chance of us getting back now. So went round to hers where she told me her Grandma had died that day and me being me still went on to tell her I had met someone else :poster_oops: fair say all hell broke loose and I got chucked out from her Dad. I don't think asking for the money for our holiday helped the situation to be 18 again :rolleyes:


Worst one happen me was just recently. Was seeing someone who I had knew for a while been a mate of one my ex's Sisters always had a wee soft spot for her so we finally got together. Everything was going great met her parents and we were set go on holiday together. Anyway we went out with my mate and his bird. Were out for a meal and she said fuck all most the night acting like she didn't want be there. So after a few drinks I asked her what was up? where she said it was nothing. So a few more bars later with her still not speaking to me she comes out with I think its best we go our own ways tonight. She told me to leave so before I left I shook my mates hand and his birds and left. Half way down the road thought to myself she has just dumped me and made me leave and she was still in the bar with my mate and his bird :laughing:

He told me she just sat with them rest the night and acted like nothing had happened :nutso:

Still not good getting dumped infront your mate.


Anyone else got any good stories?

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With ex many years ago. Found out she had been cheating with her ex so tied her hands and feet whilst she was sleeping, put sack over her head, then bundled her into car and drove out to Bridge of Dee and accidently threw her over the side of the bridge. Never seen or heard from her since.



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Lassie I wis goin out wi for a few months dumped me mid-asthma attack a couple o years back. For being a thoughtless bastard. Affa ironic don't ye think? However, karma caught up wi her as she boasted to her mates that I had become a sobbing wheezing wreck as she told me I was dumped, and I was begging her to bide etc; they all fell out wi her in very short order due to her bein a heartless twisted cow! Even funnier was when I saw her in Espionage last year, she was all that fakey apologetic way, all "can we forget about how I was mean to you, maybe date each other again, etc etc". Told her quite loudly (well it was in a club after all) in no uncertain terms to fuck right off, she'd hud her chunce. She didnae take it affa well!

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