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World Cup Qualifiers

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Tough group. I think it's obvious to say that when at home, Scotland should line up with a forward thinking 4-5-1. Of course, we can't afford to be so reckless when we are not playing at "Fortress Hampden", so suffice to say we should line up without any strikers. That sounds logical to me, I just hope that Levein has the balls to listen to me.

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Need to take 6 points from the first two home matches to give us any chance I reckon.... and then probably avoid defeat in Wales and Belgium.


If we can take 8 points from the first 12 available we'll be right in the mixer going into 2013.


Anything less than 8 points from the opening four games and it's time for Levein to step aside.

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I'll go to Serbia as thats around my birthday if Croatia away was when the Wales at home game is, Wales are the team i fear the most, turned in to a cracking team and most of their players are yet to hit the age where they are meant to peak so it could be tough.


We humped Wales last time we played them. Really over rated team. I think we will beat them in both games or at least get a win and a draw.


I think it's anyone's group.


We need to get off to a good start and go for it right from the first game. It was the 2 games against the Czechs that fucked us up for the Euros. I hope Levein has learned from that stupid decision to play a 4-6-0 formation.


I hope we play to win and don't go out there just to try and not lose.

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Canna believe the Wales home game is a friday night, thought the police had already stated this wouldna happen :confused:


Croatia in June is a bad one, end of the season and roasting hot.......


Croatia's a really nice place...It will be good for a couple of days on the blooter...As always with Scotland the trip and boozing afterwards far out way what happens on the pitch

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Your better having a group like this where teams can all take points from each other, it helped us in the Italy, France, Ukraine group, so hopefully again!


Did I not read something about the sfa trying to negotiate Saturday afternoons for our home games? Fridays are a daft idea for internationals in my opinion.

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Its a pretty open group really, Croatia marginally the team to beat but the rest of us are much or a muchness. Belgium & Wales are improving and Macedonia are a capable side. Serbia can be hit or miss, like ourselves. To have any hope of qualifying though we have to win our home games. There's no one to fear amongst that lot, and getting 6 points from the first two ties would give us something to build on.

Top seed last game again though, its been our undoing so often in the past.

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Croatia are the best team in the group.

Serbia are NOT the team they were. No Vidic any more either. Estonia beat them in the last group FFS. Nothing to be afraid of there.

Belgium, unknown quantity for me. They have several good youngsters but not seen a lot of them.

Wales, looking quite strong under Speed. Exoect the games vs. them to be tough. We can beat them though. Don't have much depth so an injury to Bale or Ramsey and they could struggle for a decent replacement.

Macedonia, tough away game, should beat them at Hampden.

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Distinct possibility.

We'll be lucky to win more than 3 games wi' that ignorant fucktard in charge.


Mark my words... :suicide:


I'll challenge that, I don't mind potter, he done a good job at the Arabs and has a good eye for a player, ok he fucked up away to czech republic but I think he learn from that. Genuinly think we have a chance in this group.


Oh and he hates rangers!

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I'll challenge that, I don't mind potter

He completely mismanaged the last campaign in a group where, with a p1sh poor Czech side,it was completely unforgivable to not take that 2nd place, given the fairly decent crop of players we had available...better than any of late.


This is a mcuh tougher group with much better teams.

With that idiot in charge we have not a hope in hell.

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