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80's Music Videos

Rocky Fister

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For some of us baby boomers , the advent of the music video was when it all started to go Pete Tong. Before the '80s , music videos were few and far between and musicians played without the intrusion of the camera.


Hullo MTV and everybody gets self-conscious , vanity increases exponentionally , business suits increase their grip on the industry and money is everything. A bit like football when Sky get involved then.


'I think I'm going back.....'






I think I'm goin' back

To the things

I learned so well

In my youth


I think I'm returning to

Those days

When I was young enough

To know the truth


Now there are no games

To only pass the time

No more colouring books

No Christmas bells to chime


But thinking young

And growing older

Is no sin

And I can play

The game of life to win


I can recall the time

When I wasn't ashamed

To reach out to a friend

And now I think I've got

A lot more than

A skipping rope to lend


Now there's more to do

Than watch my sailboat glide

And everyday can be

My magic carpet ride

And I can play hide and seek with my fears

And live my days instead of counting my years


Let everyone debate the true reality

I'd rather see the world the way it used to be

A little bit of freedom's

All we lack

So catch me if you can

I'm goin' back



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A young Ian Hislop performs with The Communards.


This video also contains a rare glimpse of tup, who can be first seen clearly at 2.54



good shout 720.

thats theGLAs favourite band. :thumbs:


i must say with my Power Ballads I, II & III CDs I am the king of 80 pop.


check out these bad boys:



i wanna know what love is - Foreigner

just keep on loving you - REO speedwagon

china in your hand - T'Pau

and the daddy,

your the voice - John Farnham


these beauties are all about the lyrics and power cords :dance::cool:

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