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Sportsound Last Night

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They were having wee discussion on St Mirren, well run club, excellent training facilities, Jackie Mac remarked how piss poor our training facilities were. Thing is he is right.



They won't always be shite.

Jackie McNamara will always be a cunt though.




They are a joke though to be fair. We should have had a proper complex built in the 1990's. Stay ahead of the game. Football innovators.

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Everybody was in the same boat back then, teams have evolved since those days. even numpties like st mirren have screwed the nut





Its not much good showing a potential new signing the beach saying "it was perfect for our gothenburg heroes" etc.


I know what you meant Chris but basically its a case of having something suitable for the modern day footballer - ie total pansy


Plus teams really do apply a lot more sport science and that must be hard to do well with no decent facilities.

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