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i dinna have a car but if i was to buy one i'd look for one of the following:




M5/AMG panzer wagon - i like the audis, bmws and mercedes of this world. merc's probably the best, a bit classier than beemers and audis.

you get a lot of motor for your money with these. i really like the 400bhp M5. one a decade old would be affordable, when compared to a new focus or something shit like that, but running and servicing costs i've heard are astronomical - similar to porsche dealerships, which is mental.


alfa romeo - bit different and nice italian styling.


fiat 500 - cool.


old mercs - i like the old style mercs, with the star on the grill.



what shaun goater do you have or would you like?

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That's a motor! I've got a golf 4 GTI I'd give my left nut for an R32. How many miles are on it?


Just noticed I added a picture of a MK4 R32.:poster_oops:


Posted my actual car up this time. Got it with 36k on the clock and has just done 45k now. 2 previous wifey owners, 4wd, 6 speed gear box, red = win!

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