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Celtic-supporting bishop searched at Aberdeen FC match

Bishop appalled by Pittodrie stewards

By Jamie MacDonald


Published: 26/11/2011


FAN: Bishop Philip Tartaglia was unhappy at being searched before an Aberdeen FC v Celtic game.A SCOTTISH bishop who supports Celtic today hit out at the treatment of visiting fans at Pittodrie.


Bishop Philip Tartaglia was among the Celtic support that came to Aberdeen FC for their SPL clash earlier in the season.


As he entered Pittodrie, Bishop Tartaglia, from Paisley, said he felt

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Why should he be immune from the searches that EVERYONE else are subject to?


For all the stewards/police know he was just a regular celtic fan taking the piss & dressing up as a child molester :dontknow:


What a pointless complaint & what does he hope to achieve from it?

Stop the searches of the fans in case they feel bad?

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Maybe if his teams supporters learned to behave themselves and not sing about things that happened hundreds of years ago and in a different country, and act like human beings there wouldnt be a need to search and video them.


Until then he can shut the fuck up. Vermin. If he doesnt like it then dont step foot in our fucking stadium. Cunt.

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Worked for me


I did also asking if he had something to hide from the Police. :charlie:


Worked now. Was my mistake.




With reference to your comments made in the Evening Express (Aberdeen) 26th November 2011, I'd like to point out that Aberdeen fans do and have for a number of years faced searches at the away end turn styles at Parkhead. If your own clubs supporters did not use "smoke bombs" every time you came to Pittodrie maybe you would not be subject to such searches.


The phrase, get your own house in order springs to mind on many levels.


I'd also be interested in hearing your opinion on the PRO IRA chanting that your clubs support sing on a continual basis at grounds in Scotland.


Yours Sincerely,

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Hi Phil,


In response to the article about you in Aberdeen's Evening Express 26/11, You asked if Aberdeen fans get treated similar in Glasgow, then the answer is yes. Do Aberdeen fans have to pay over the odds for a ticket to get positioned behind a huge pillar? Yes, Are Aberdeen fans targeted in a similar way to Celtic fans when they come to Aberdeen? No they get it worse.


May I ask what is the problem with being searched going into an arena which is under legislation to safe guard supporters, by preventing such things as Alcohol,Fireworks, etc.


Did you have something to hide? or Do you just feel that a member of the Church in a position as high as yourself should not be searched?

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Are you bashing the bishop?

That reminds me.

I need to wunk. :thumbup1:



And he doesn't think little kids feel "uncomfortable" when some priest has his cock up them?


Get your own house in order first, fuckwit.



Father Spaghetti face.

How have you got the time to come to Aberdeen in between your calling and your pastime of molesting small boys.

Get your own shit together you paedophile rapist,

burn in hell,



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What did he say? Has he banned you from heaven for being a sheep shagging sinner?


I emailed firstly pointing out Aberdeens treatment whilst in glasgow, and how we are subject to much worse than being searched at times. Also asked why the piece was made out as an attack at the football club itself, and why there was no mention of fans behaviour and pro ira singing, and how the picture along with the story showed every fan standing, an act which saw several Motherwell fans thrown out for. His reply was:


Dear Liam,


First of all, I entirely disapprove of pro-IRA chants at football or anywhere else. The journalist from the Aberdeen Evening News did not ask me about that or I would have told him. However, I did say it to the journalist who wrote the original article for the Sunday Times, but those comments never made it into the published article. Having said that, there were no IRA chants at the fixture which I attended at Pittodrie, as far as I could hear. Also the crowd was well-behaved. I believe there was only one arrest at that game.


Secondly, my comments are not an attack on AFC. I was just describing two aspects of my experience at the Aberdeen v Celtic fixture at the begiining of August - being searched by stewards and being filmed by the police- which made me very uncomfortable and which I reckoned to be unjustifiable either at Pittodrie or anywhere else. The wider context of my remarks was the anti-sectarian crackdown initiated by the Government and I was suggesting that the policing of that is actually not helping the situation, but causing resentment unnecessarily among fans.


Thirdly, the filming was done by the police and the dearching was done by stewards, whether at the behest of the police or not. I have no objection to being searched if every spectator is searched and if it is clear why I am being searched. It is not fair just to search away fans without any explanation on the ticket or on any signs outside the stadium. And it is surely misjudged from a safety or security point of view. After all, any spectator who gains entry to the stadium could potentially cause trouble, so if one spectator is searched, they shiould all be searched, as at airports.


Fourthly, I do not get to away games very much any more. I got to that one because I was on holiday and had a guest from abroad who wanted to see a match. He was thrilled to get body searched and filmed, by the way! However in recent seasons, I have been to Inverness and Falkirk to see games, and I was not searched. So I am not sure that body searching away fans is standard practice. And if it is, it is an indignity that football fans of all clubs can do without, unless of course, every spectator is searched as a matter of security policy or of health and safety.


Fifthly, the journalist from the AEN simply asked me a few questions based on what he had seen published elsewhere. I don't know what he wrote. If he turned it into an attack on AFC, then he was spinning it for his own reasons. But that's what the media do.


And finally, if you are happy with the way police and football clubs treat fans, that's fine. I'm not. They can do a lot better in my opinion.


Kindest wishes,


Philip Tartaglia

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I attended the Aberdeen v Celtic match as simple fan (not in any official capacity) and I expected to be treated like a civilised human being, not as a potential criminal or terrorist. I also did not like the way the police filmed us - it was quite unncessary.If the fans had been causing trouble, that would have been different, but the crowd was good-natured and peaceful. There was no chanting which could get you arrested and there was no threat of trouble or violence.


Having said that, I don't mind being searched as long as everyone is being searched.

Searches take place at airports, but every passenger is searched.

If they are really serious about whatever it is they are trying to prevent, then, if one fan at football is searched, then everyone should be searched, since presumably anyone at any part of the stadium could cause a problem.


I have been at Pittodrie a few times over the years, but that was the first time I was searched. I thought it was so unncessary. I don't get to away games very much any more, but I have in relatively recent times been to Inverness, Falkirk and most recently Pittodrie. I was only searched at Pittodrie.


Have a good season.



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Well he does have a point that the police treat football fans like dirt. Maybe that was the whole point he was trying to make and it just got lost in translation? Sounds like it.


On the other hand, he is deluded if he believes in God.


Yeah, but the Old Firm... particularly Celtic... are known supporters of terrorist organisations. It's only right that they should be subject to repeated, intrusive, thorough searches any time these people are going to be somewhere that large crowds of people are gathering.


That's not even taking into account that this bishop is a member of an organisation notorious for molesting little kids, so it's to be demanded that members of this organisation be the subject of intense scrutiny.


"'Endemic' rape and abuse of Irish children in Catholic care, " one enquiry found.


Endemic, bishop.


We need to be VERY watchful of your sort....


Won't anyone think of the children?

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. The findings prompted the new Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols, to say that it took "courage" for those clergy involved in child sex abuse to confront their actions. In an interview to be broadcast tonight on ITV News at Ten, he said: "I think of those in religious orders and some of the clergy in Dublin who have to face these facts from their past which instinctively and quite naturally they'd rather not look at. That takes courage, and also we shouldn't forget that this account today will also overshadow all of the good that they also did."


Those poor rapists, they are the real victims here.

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