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Sorry to piss on your parade, but the overall increase in debt from last years accounts is £2m. Therefore, we currently have a net debt of close to £15m.


Losses every year are a given for AFC under Milne's tenure. The net debt is the figure we should always have been keeping our eye on, as this is what will dictate our future after Milne sanctions the sale of Pittodrie, settles the loans, and saddles us with a hoorin mortgage for the next 30 odd years.


Happy days indeed.

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I always try to look for the good when it comes to the dons.


So 600k loss isnt that bad when you consider it takes 400k a year to get pittodrie up to safety standard and 200k would b 500 fans more per game if we played 20 home games as in 19 league and 1 cup.

600k loss was trading loss. A loss which would have been much

Much higher had we not reached two semi finals. But this season crowds way down and papped out of cup early so dread to think what may be next year.


But overall the debt once again rose circa 2 million for third year running. From just under 9 million to just under 15 million in just three years takes some doing.

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