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Happy Shopper Sunflower Oil

Bobby Connor

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So, coupla days back I've got some chicken breast that is on the last day of it's sell buy date and needs cooking.


Decide to slap it on the griddle while I do the dishes. So preheat it a bit, pop some oil in followed by chicken, salt and pepper and reckon by the time I'm done with the dishes it will be ready to turn the chicken over.


Anyway, I'm doing the dishes and much to my surprise the sunflower oil appears to be reducing... and caramelising...


'Bit odd' I think without considering why my pan of chicken was defying the laws of physics.


So I finish the dishes and go to add some more oil. Picked up the 'Sunflower Oil' and well.. the thread title gives away the fact that I had been frying the chicken in fucking lime cordial.


'No disaster' I hoped and chucked in some actual sunflower oil. 'This could actually prove to be inspired' I reckoned.


True enough, the result was, in fact, nae bad. Pleasant if not mind-blowing, and all got happily munched. 'Fucking genius'...


... Coupla moments after finishing and a hoor of a bitter after taste kicks in ad persists for a good half hour. Not recommended.

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