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Ultimate F**king C**t Groups H, I And J

Who is your most despised celebrity?  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. H

    • Justin Bieber
    • Aled Jones
    • George Osbourne
    • Paris Hilton
  2. 2. I

    • greigsy (NS1)
    • Tony Blair
    • Maggie Thatcher
    • Jamie Oliver
  3. 3. J

    • Perez Hilton
    • Kerry Katona
    • Silvio Burlesconi
    • Dappy from Ndubz

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George Osbourne, just a dick basically, Oliver, boy is a mong, it's almost as if he had downs but has reversed out of it so now has ups anyways boys a cunt, last one went for Dappy, total retard, big Silvio is a sound lad.


Any cu*t that can take on 7 hookers in one night at 78 deserves a knighthood...or the Italian equivelent...Star man!!!

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Had to be Georgie Boy since he's taking my pension, Maggie since she took my milk and I didn't know about the last one as I don't really know who Dappy and Perez are. However if someone calls themselves Dappy and is in a band they call Ndubz then they are obviously a fucking cunt so Dappy is getting my vote (not a real name I take it?)


I've never heard Justin Bieber sing, or talk actually come to think of it, but he seems to be hated by so many people. I don't get that, isn't he just a cute little boy?





My favourite Berlusconi moment

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  1. Justin Bieber (22 votes [53.66%]) WINNER
  2. Aled Jones (1 votes [2.44%])
  3. George Osbourne (14 votes [34.15%])
  4. Paris Hilton (4 votes [9.76%])


  1. greigsy (NS1) (6 votes [14.63%])
  2. Tony Blair (8 votes [19.51%])
  3. Maggie Thatcher (21 votes [51.22%]) Winner
  4. Jamie Oliver (6 votes [14.63%])


  1. Perez Hilton (5 votes [12.20%])
  2. Kerry Katona (9 votes [21.95%])
  3. Silvio Burlesconi (6 votes [14.63%])
  4. Dappy from Ndubz (21 votes [51.22%]) Wnner

Voting Ends.




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