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Seem to get worse with age. It's a bad one today. Can't even remember getting home. And found a half eaten kebab in the kitchen. It's been a while since that happened so it must have been a good night. All I can think of doing to cure my head is dragging myself up to the Hawthorne. But right now thats maybe a bit too much effort. Any better ideas?

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Roberto, Minijc : lucky you. But does no hangover mean a dull night last night? Or can you enjoy yourself without drinking a bucket?

I stayed in lastnight after the shambles that was last weekend where between 9 of us we drank 6 bottles o vodka and 4 bottles of wine over the course of 4 hours, the hangover last week was one of the worst, only recently started getting hangovers though.

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Too old for it now, absolutely wankered on vodka/wine/cider/beer/absinthe on Friday night and couldn't bring myself to finish a pint in Killie yesterday and went straight for the cola. Still a bit ugh today even.


Net result being no Xmas shopping today and feet up with Super Sunday on, not all bad.

Jesus that stuff is fucking mental. Used to drink that stuff every weekend about 10 years ago and everytime i'd wake up the next morning with no recollection of how i got home. Fuck knows why i still drank it tbh :laughing:

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It's bedtime, and it's only now I feel better after lastnight.


Was in the Nargile for grub lastnight and had a bottle of White 3 Efes lager, 2 Raki's* and then had a good few bottles of Corona for the rest of the night. Felt awful when I woke up and struggled to get the Venison Burger over my throat when we got our Christmas Tree.

Had to go to Inchmarlo to get the Sdogs coat cut just before suppertime and was perking up then.J

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wake up before the hangover, and be outside from then on.


Discovered while teeing off still drunk for a golf competition at 7.45am. If replicating this be warned, no matter how drunk or sober you are, an 8 iron off the first tee isn't a great idea when you're playing a 190yd par 3 into the wind.


But either way, I'd just rather not drink, that way you bypass all manner of hangover pish. 2 years teetotal and yer body thanks you.

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Worst hangover ever was about 15 year ago, oot on the toon in London. Eh lived about 90 mins fae work, a journey comprising train and tube. Eh recall maybe 5 seconds of the journey home when eh felt very sick walking from the tube at Waterloo.


All the same, eh woke up at 5.30 the next morning in my bed, and had to get going for an 8am start. Eh must have been still pished coz it wasnae until eh got to work that the hangover really kicked in. My heid throbbed wi each heartbeat, the headache was that bad. Dying was a very appealing option at this point and eh lasted until 10am, mumbling something about flu and going home. Eh got in my kip at 12.30 and didnae rise again until 4pm the next day.


Problem was eh was a contractor at the time and didnae get payed for being sick, so that wee session cost me the thick end of

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