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what would happen if we actually got relegated? would it be the beggining of the end or would it be the boot up the backside that the club so badly needs? would it pull the club together and give the board and players the chance to wipe the slate clean and come back with more determination and fight or would it be a downward spiral from there on? i would imagine in the 1st division you would have to focus much more on developing the players you have as apposed to buying, trialing and loaning numptys from the lower leagues in england.


once succesful teams in england have went from the top flight all the way to almost being wiped out completly wolves in the 80s almost folded, leeds nottm forest have slumped down the leagues but still get decent crowds,players etc. is the reason for this that the lower leagues are competitive from 1st to 20th position and the spl isn't? i mean 10 teams fighting for 3rd place every year doesn't help get crowds clambering to see thier clubs.


Im losing all patience with the dandies, stuck in a rut for as long as i can remember, it worse now than ever and taking my son to watch them is a thought every week!!

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Some people say it would be a good thing but I really dread it as it would be the end. People have lost so much interest as it is, relegation would kill us.


Also, I don't want us to lose the record of never being relegated, as little as it may mean now, it separates us from the rest in terms of history.

Totally agree. No further debate needed. Anyone who disagrees is completely MENTAL


End of topic, discussion over.

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