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Best Pole Dance Youll See


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you wont be attacking your man parts watching this because youll be too in awe of what shes actually able to do.


some unbelievable core strength going on. its a spectacle it itself


3:20 in particular is amazing


Jealously is more the word. I've been working in the gym to up my raw strength the last 3 years. I've always been a bulky, muscular, but well defined, athletic guy - but I am supremely jealous of wiry people who can throw and support themselves like that, my da' for example, 60 years old and can still do muscle ups (google it).


However, your assumption that my man parts are safe are misjudged. If you have ever been with a lassie who is highly athletic and fit, and has the same level of core strength as yon lassie above, you'll ken that their skills include a having a natural, controllable pressure valve operating their fanny due to such athletic ability, and such said skill, is fucking amazing in the sack.

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