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Acoustic Songs


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Not sure if this counts or not but "Same Old Blues" by Proud Mary. Great tune :thumbup1:


recently re discovered this lot! Seen them a few times and had their album for years, but Give A Little Love is a fantastic song!


Back on topic love playing Oasis songs on the guitar, so bloody easy, and everyone knows the words. Just started listening to an acoustic artist called the Tallest Man On Earth, very good! Can't pick a favourite, too many to choose from,

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Davy Graham was the one who started the guitar phenomena in this country( it was generally unknown before WW2 ) , part Scottish , part Ghanaian.......many people acknowledge him as 'the guv'nor' , including Jimmy Page and the late , great Bert Jansch.








Graham's first EP released in 1962 with Alexis Korner which, contains the imortal "Angi". If your one of those lucky people that own a copy you'll be please to know that I've seen it listed for as much as

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