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Question Gentlemen?

Big Man

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She has more make-up trowelled onto her face than Kate Siverton and Natasha Kaplinsky put together !!


I'd have a right old time with that make no mistake.


Glad I got to this one before Cheesepipes and crazybullsheep though as I wouldn't want to be pulling out of that battered ring in third place. At least by entering first I've got a chance of getting a bit of sweetcorn jammed in the japper in the lucky sphincter dip.


I imagine she's* a right dirty cow as well. Well she'd have to be.














* Top tip. As long as you keep repeating it's a she you'll maintain an erection. :thumbs:

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Personally I think the ones we have to worry about are the ones posting the pictures up.


Whats the thought process behind their post exactly? I think its a case of them flicking through whatever womans mag website, seeing a pic of a 'bird' and thinking to themselves fuck aye, I'd be in that like a rat up a drainpipe. Then the realisation hits, fuck, thats a bloke so they come on here and try and get us to say aye, tap at like to make their own little fetish seem a little more normal.


Sorry gents, both are a no from me and yes, you are a bit bent and you do like the cock.

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Yon thing below is a man.


"patricia arajuo" or something I believe (from bitter experience, I would not advise doing a web search in a place of work)


While, on one hand, one can only applaud modern plastic / cosmetic surgery, I do think its a disgrace that skilled doctors put their time into this kind of shite, when so many people around the world have a poor quality of life for want of basic surgical procedures.






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