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Hibs - Rangers

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SFA have fkd up by letting the tic fans off with the sectarian singing last week.


Hear the sectarian shite coming from the rangers the now?

worse than ever, now they ken they have license basically.


Sash, famine is over. we hate celtic fenian bastards & all sorts. They're having a field day.


Hope UEFA throw the book at them both

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What an awful attempt by Hibs there. Just keeper to beat, in the box and soft one straight at him. Been quite a minging game though.



Yeah was Griffiths with a Darren Mackie type miss.


Shocking miss. All the time in the world, could have taken a touch (even though didn't need to) but just side foots it straight down the middle. May have just ruined his chance of a loan renewal unfortunately, so they'll take Riordan back now.

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