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Storm On The Way


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My 6 foot garden gate ripped its frame from the wall last week, tried to save it with wheely bins propping it up but the damage was done, thank feck I'm a lazy chunt or I'd have fixed it to be broke again.


the news gadgy was suggesting us further North would probably get the worst of it this time, more severe the better imo, I love bad weather.

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Be the first real test of my manliness, Hurricane bawbag, in all her fury, huffed and pufffed and blew my back fence down, but with my work issued brace type dungeree's, electric screw driver, 1 1/2" wood screws, and the neighbours spying eye, I rezerected the fence to its former glory.


Son of bawbag. give me everything...

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Hehe. Broken record? Surprised you can live with yourself, staying somewhere named for an English hero... :fishing:



Justin Edinburgh? :confused:



What's this Justin Edinburgh stuff like? Who's he?, when's he from?



Main article: Etymology of Edinburgh


The name "Edinburgh" appears to derive from the Celtic British place name Eidyn, mentioned in a number of medieval Welsh sources.Kenneth H. Jackson argued strongly that "Eidyn" referred exclusively to the location of modern Edinburgh, but others, such as Ifor Williams and Nora K. Chadwick, suggest it applied to the wider area as well. The name "Eidyn" may survive today in other toponyms such as Dunedin and Carriden (from Caer Eidyn), located fifteen miles to the west


Edinburgh Castle


Present-day Edinburgh was the location of Din Eidyn, a dun or hillfort associated with the kingdom of the Gododdin. The modern Scottish Gaelic name "D

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Which reminds me of a prank I love to play at parties.


Start making a fuss shouting:


'Where'd my Edinburgh?'


Where'd my Edinburgh?'





Everyone is like - :confused:


Then when you have all their attention, say quietly:


'Where'd my glass go?'


Sounds like you go to some ace parties. :rolleyes:

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