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Hemmin Chrisyboy !


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If it's the same gear as Phoen sent to me then Chrisyboy is going to have a severe white Christmas, in his nostrils at any rate, rocket fuel :sheepdance:



If you've taken it as you suggest then it cannot be the same gear as the gear you got is gone.


You'd have to have sent it back to Phoen and he'd then send it to Chrisyboy for it to be the same gear.


It might be from the same batch but it's not the same gear.

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We all live in Scotland Brian, and we're talking about letters which you can just drop in a postbox. No need for a passport or to personally present oneself.


Maybe the system is different in Norway.

Chrisyboy says he lives in Wolfsburg which last time I checked isnae in scotland. Unless chrisyboy is telling porkies and if he is he should be shot for this.

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