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The Muff March


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I'm guessing the vast majority of these 'protesters' are lezzas or, at best, borderline lezzas on the lezza side of the border with Lezbia.


What people do with their own vag or Little Fireman is no-one's business but their own.


If I want to dress my cock up like Charlie fucking Chaplin I don't expect to see some anti-Chaplin-cock activists protesting how I choose to dress up my own dick.


Fuck those lezzas.


Figuratively, obviously... no-one wants to ride a lezza.

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To be fair if they've got a gash that they hate with bits hanging out if it's done on the NHS I'm sure there are medical reasons if they go private, so to speak, then it's open season. See if one of yous said "aye derv break out the knife, gis a designer knob" it's not illegal if you were to say "aye derv have a go at cutting up my dog the vet was gonna charge a fortune" that's illegal.


300 people on facebook is fuck all, could prob make a group "pedos are just looking after the kids" and it'd get that many followers.

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