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Christopher Hitchins Rip

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I'm not fucking happy about this.


Not one bit.


I'll be purchasing a bottle of JWBL to toast the man this weekend.


Fell out of favour when he became an apologist for the Bush government, the same Bush he had identified as being a cretin some years earlier. But still a great man.

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Somehow, "RIP" seems inappropriate.


"Dead" would be more accurate


Aye you are right. Christopher Hitchens no longer exists should've been the title thread


Is his brother the slightly right of centre journo often seen on Question Time?


I dinna like him.



Indeed he is. Absolute tool of a man but makes for interesting watching. I don't know who I hate more on QT, him or David Starkey. Both are complete cunts, especially about Scotland.

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He was a hard one to pin down, tbh. A man who grew up on the (Trotskyist) far-Left, but latterly allied himself with US interventionist foreign policy. Advocated the Iraq war, despite being anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian. A man who advocated free thought and stood against oppressive Statism, yet derided Libertarians. Someone who denounced Socialism, yet continued to proclaim himself as a "Marxist".


Complex thinker, for sure. The mind would boggle, trying to pick apart all of his many arguments.

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Interesting piece about a book on Hitchins. I shall be checking it out at some point.


He seems to divide opinion on here. I loved his contrarianism and God is not Great was great. This new book however focusses on his lurch to the right.




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