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I very much doubt if the Coffins being deployed in the city had an effect. I would have expected them to tell shareholders because it would have shown up in the accounts figures if it they paid the bank last march.

Aye, clearly it is a press brief ahead of tonight's AGM on some of the major issues, and Wiggy sticking in a couple million is a pretty major item on the balance sheet.

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Whats this loan for? Is this to go on top of the debt which was already released last week?


The other loan with the bank was due for repay, we couldn't do it, so the bank wanted 20% of the loan cleared.


In reality, its a sideways move, as the debt is still there but we now owe it to Milne/AAM by the looks of the article. Do find it rather strange that they've re-printed this today when they have already run an article on it.

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