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Jury Duty

The Boofon

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When the official rang Banks' home, his boyfriend said he was not there because he had 'gone to London to see a show'.


After police went to interview the boyfriend, Banks rang the court again claiming that he was recovering at his mother's home in Staffordshire. In reality, he was heading for a 5pm performance of Chicago at London's Garrick Theatre.





Made it to the first stage of jury selection, but didn't get picked out of the hat (or however they decide these things)

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Been selected three times in the past.


First time was the day of the Spain game at Hampden, which I already had a ticket for and a hotel booked. Faxed them my workmates e-mail confirmation for the hotel and a wee letter about going down to Glasgow for the day with a colleague from work (never said anything about the game!)


Then the next time I made up some rubbish excue and they let me off but said next time I had to do it.


So on the third time I went., and got picked. It was about a boy who got decked outside Pearl Lounge and fell over a wall with a drop at the other side and cracked his skull open and was f**ked for 6 months or so. There was f**k all evidence to find the accused guilty so he got a innocent (due to not enough evidence). Funny thing was a witness from Pearl Lounge said she saw the CCTV from Pearl Lounge and she know who the person was (to look at, she had seen him in the club heaps) but that CCTV was not availible for us to see! All we got was CCTV from Union Street and the very bottom of the road where Pearl Lounge is on. What a bloody waste of time. Why couldn't the Police just look at the CCTV from Pearl Lounge and find the right bloke?! When the verdict got read out the family of the victim was in uproar! How the f**k can they expect us to find an innocent bolke guilty for something he clearly didn't do?! Went on for 3 or 4 days or something. What a complete waste of time.



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Poor lad! :hysterical:


In saying that I'd rather go to prison than have to sit through a musical! :gay:


19 is too young for jury duty though, the jury should have life experience.


I wouldn't want to do it either, courts are boring, too many tea breaks and things that could be done in 5 minutes take hours, I'm going to try and dodge it if I ever get called up, have heard you can avoid it by sending in a letter saying you'd love to do jury duty but would like to avoid any trials that involve the police as you have a deep hatred of them. They then take you off the list.


I still have convictions on record so suppose I'm barred for now anyway.

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Pretty much sums up the attitude of some people. Fuck the victim. Fuck the accused (who may be innocent). Fuck the fellow jurors. Fuck the court. Fuck the tax payer. I'm a selfish wee prick who's quite happy to fuck everyone over so I can go see some crap play that's probably on DVD anyway. I'd have banged him up for 5 years with no possibility of early parole.

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I bet the victim didn't.


What was the verdict?

Supposed to last a week but from day 1 it was clear she was telling porkies. 3 days of prosecution "evidence" and the prosecutor making a complete mess of things then it came to the defense turn and defense lawyer just stood up and said "no case for the defense your honour".


Was just a case of not guilty or not proven after that for jury and took no time at all to get not guilty verdict.


Although all 3 days the guy was on front page of papers and will forever be known as rapist (even did it myself when with wife in town and saw him walking down street and said to her "thats the rapist boy") whilst all her details were withheld.


Boy was clearly a dirty radge from the evidence (anal prodding etc) but clearly not guilty of the charge right from start.


No idea how it managed to get to court in first place if that was the sum of their "evidence"


Were you taking tips? :ninja:

Sadly nothing to learn from that case!!

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Got chosen 2 years ago and sat in jury on a rape trial. Absolutely loved it.


Same here, except it was sexual assault. The guy and girl wouldn't have been out of place on the Jeremy Kyle show, both were minkers from Seaton. The girl quite clearly wasn't taking it seriously, Standing in the witness box, Adidas tracksuit and chewing gum and giving the most apathetic of answers


Not Proven verdict and a free lunch in Five.

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Was another trial going on in the building at same time and was some charges to do with drugs gangs. Every night when court closed there were couple of big 4 x 4s outside with tinted windows and when the jurys came out the windows rolled down and some yardie types staring and jurers. Funnily enough at end of two weeks the guys were found not guilty!!

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No thanks I'm away to Chicago


Apologies for the source but this article is perhaps one of the funniest things I've ever read. :hysterical:


Some of the comments are first class.


Anyone ever been on duty?


Teenage LOON going to watch Chicago.. the musical.


Well, he won't be too bothered by the gay prison sex that's for sure.


In fact he'll likely think all his Christmases have come together.

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I've twice had letters saying I'm on a "short list" never had to go along to court for the selection part.


Anyone who has been on a jury able to confirm if it really is like the films "12 Angry men" or "The runaway jury"?


I got the short list letter on Friday. I'd really hate to get stuck on one of those cases that last for weeks. I doubt I have the attention span to sit through something like that.


Have you been called up yet or are you still on the short list too?

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I got the short list letter on Friday. I'd really hate to get stuck on one of those cases that last for weeks. I doubt I have the attention span to sit through something like that.


Have you been called up yet or are you still on the short list too?


Aye it would be boring as fuck.


The minute the accused walked in I'd make my mind up if he was guilty or not just by looking at them.

I bet 95% of the time you'd be right too.

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