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Ryan Stevenson

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Couldn't see this posted anywhere, sorry if it's been brought up already.


Refusing to go back until paid and has asked to have his contract terminated. Bristol City are monitoring the situation which is a shame because I would have loved to see him here. Would definitely soften the blow of losing Ozzy.


Looks like Hearts really are in some trouble.

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I hope what comes out of this is a realisation from greedy players and agents that the biggest purse is not always the best option. Look at the players Hearts signed who we and others were also chasing, who decided to sign for Hearts because they offered an extra few quid more a week even though it was common knowledge that the clubs balance sheet didnt make sense and their debt was unservicable.


However much I feel sorry for those who work knowing that they might not get paid, I dont feel the same for most of the Hearts players because they knew the risks and if they didnt well that is their fault!

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I wish they had signed plug diamond now.


Their squad will be thread bare i'd imagine, for the second half of the season.


Apparently mad vlad has fallen out of love with football, just like most fans outside the filthly 2.


From what some old firm fans have said to me, a lot of them are losing interest as well. A couple of season ticket holders at Ibrox I work with aren't planning on renewing its that bad they claim

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Just read the scottish boxing day gossip column on BBC and it says "St Johnstone have made the first move in the fight to sign Hearts star Ryan Stevenson" Article is from the Express. :sherlock: Surely if St Johnstone are trying to make a move for him then our club should definitely try...

Have you stopped to wonder that maybe St Johnstone have got more ambition?

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